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Sunbay Perindustrian Bukit Bakri

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Sunbay Perindustrian  Bukit Bakri Project

Sunbay Perindustrian Bukit Bakri stands as a prime industrial destination nestled within the bustling Bukit Bakri industrial park, strategically positioned just 1 kilometer away from the renowned Muar Furniture Industry Park. Surrounded by a plethora of furniture factories and related businesses, Sunbay Perindustrian Bukit Bakri offers a thriving ecosystem for companies seeking synergistic collaborations and opportunities for growth. Its convenient transportation links further enhance accessibility, facilitating seamless logistical operations and connectivity to key markets.

Moreover, its strategic location in Bukit Bakri provides unparalleled ease in sourcing skilled labor, ensuring a steady workforce to meet production demands effectively. With a plethora of nearby residential areas, the recruitment of qualified personnel becomes streamlined, contributing to operational efficiency and productivity. Whether for investment purposes or owner-occupation, Sunbay Perindustrian Bukit Bakri presents an enticing proposition for discerning investors and entrepreneurs alike, offering a conducive environment for business expansion and success.

In light of these advantages, we cordially invite prospective investors and business owners to explore the opportunities available at Sunbay Perindustrian Bukit Bakri. Whether you seek to establish or expand your presence in the furniture industry, our strategically located factory units provide the ideal setting for realizing your business objectives. Come and discover the potential for growth and prosperity at Sunbay Perindustrian Bukit Bakri, where opportunities abound and success awaits.

Sunbay Aroma Utama Location Map

Situated in the industrial area of Bukit Bakri, our location is conveniently close to both the Bukit Bakri township and the Muar Furniture Park. Coordinates are provided below for reference:

2.0193429, 102.6698961

Sunbay Perindustian Bukit Bakri
Floor Plan Block A & B

Sunbay Perindustian Bukit Bakri
Floor Plan Block C & D

Sunbay Perindustian Bukit Bakri
Floor Plan Block E & F

Sunbay Perindustian Bukit Bakri
Master Layout

At a furniture retailer

Sunbay Perindustrian 
Bukit Bakri

A factory development project by Sunbay Realty Sdn Bhd, developer from Muar, Johor.

Single Storey Semi Detached Factory

Total Units: 6 Units

Land Area: 14000 sq ft and above

Built up Area: 56' X 112'

Complete Date: Estimate March 2027

For more enquiry please contact our sales representative below:

012-5693515 / 012-5683515

017-5693515 / 016-6073515

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