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Quality Finishing

We make sure our customers get the best of what they pay for. We ensure our products and services are delivered cost effectively by minimising wastages, fast delivery and effective work planning. We will never sacrifice quality and safety for better profitability. Neo Interiors provides your house/office the best quality finishing every time.

Reasonable Pricing

There are many different kind of costs in construction works such as materials, man power, machines and tools. Transportation and handling costs of materials, lousy workers, local municipal permits and other miscellaneous fees can push the costs up. We have the experiences to solve any problems that may arises to make sure cost are maintained. We will also try to help our clients with financial & loan services if required.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priorities

We understand your worries, frustrations and excitements in finding the best interior design and renovation solution. We will always be there to listen and discuss your ideas with you, and to make sure your visions are truly met.

After Sales Service

You can be sure we provides after sales services for all our projects. Providing quality after sales services are part of our company culture, in short, customer service is our top priorities.
Call us at +6 06 952 7955,
we will be ready to assist you on any matters. Or better still you can email us at

Warranty / Assurance

We always ensures all our projects are properly managed and delivered on time. We will examine all materials and work done to make sure everything is built to your requirements. Before handing back the premises to our customers, our experience staff will perform a thorough quality check on the entire project. We are determine to fix any defects at no cost to the customer. However if there are any defects after completion and handover, your renovations will still be covered - subject to warranty period.

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